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Our most-loved Spring Roll flavors good for 6-8 people.


Beef Bulgogi Spring Roll Peanut Sriracha Thai Dressing
Kani Noodle Sriracha Peanut Thai Dressing
Chicken Ensalada Spring Roll Ensaladang Talong Thai Dressing
Beef Shawarma Spring Roll Garlic Yogurt Salsa Verde
Shrimp Pesto Spring Roll Pesto Vinaigrette Thai Dressing
Bulgogi Bulgogi & Kani Noodle Peanut Sriracha Thai Dressing
Chicken Ensalada & Beef Shawarma Peanut Sriracha Thai Dressing


NOTE: All our products are made from natural ingredients and we don't use preservatives to prolong our products' shelf life. 


Spring Rolls Platter

Spring Rolls Platter

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