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    Enjoy the taste of healthy, delicious, and carefully prepared meals delivered from our family's farm to your table. Our salads are specially made from crops that are free from pesticides and fertilizers. We offer organic meat and seafood, luscious greens and tasteful dressings stored in reusable pack containers to keep it fresh.

Our Story

Where It All Started

With that realization, they thought of going directly to the consumers where they can differentiate their produce and reach out directly to people who will appreciate the value of vegetables grown without pesticides. They have the farm, the knowhow, and with the help of their son Jim and other family members, Charie Tanseco-Sarmiento, Butch Tanseco, and Chinky Tanseco, who have aspirations to have their own food business, Isabel’s under Karasa Foods Inc was born in 2016.

Together as a family, they are dedicated to serving nutritious, natural, tasty, and good-value food delivered to your homes and places of work.

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