IF Meal Plan 1 Week
IF Meal Plan 1 Week

Take your health to the next level!

Includes two nutritious whole foods and balanced meals per day

It’s designed to nourish people who are following a scheduled eating pattern while still enjoying healthy and delicious Isabel’s meals 💚

🥗Includes lunch and dinner
🥗Consume 1200 calories for P700/day
🥗Consume 1500 calories for P800/day


Monday to Friday:

  • Full Day Meal Plans: Delivered daily from 5:30 am to 8 am.
  • One Meal a Day Meal Plans and Solo Orders: Delivered daily from 7 am to 12 pm.

Saturday Orders:

  • Delivered on Friday afternoon/evening from 4 pm to 9 pm. Please refrigerate upon receipt to ensure the freshness of meals.

Note: The exact delivery time cannot be guaranteed, as our delivery routes may vary daily.


IF Meal Plan 1 Week

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MAR 04 - MAR 08, 2024

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
One of the best meal plans I've tried so far

My review title says it all. Isabel's is a bit pricier than most but the heftier cost is worth it and I get excited whenever my meals arrive. They serve a fair variety of amazing dishes, the colors are vibrant (important in getting balanced nutrition), and I love how they also serve the meals with sauce on the side. As a reference: My current diet is IF for calorie deficit and I eat brunch and early dinner. I work out 6 days a week and always feel filled with their meals, even on lifting days. Usually, I like choosing affordable meal options but in this case, I might stick with Isabel's for a while.

Not bad

Getting a bit tired because this meal plan is every day bowl day. The food tastes okay, but I wish I could choose the amount of protein when purchasing.


It's good

Great Way to Get Back

Have been off of IF for 2 years and this was an easy way to get back into it. Food is great -with more variety and definitely more flavorful compared to other meal delivery services. Delivery was never late. Wishing there’s more protein than grain and that other veggies (other than carrots, cabbage with almost every meal) are used in this plan but overall great!

Melvin Tordecilla
Isabel's has won me over with its variety of dishes, diverse flavors and delightful sauces.

With their innovative concept of delivering daily meals featuring diverse flavors and dishes, I have experienced a delightful journey through the world of nutrition. This unique approach has kept me engaged and excited about my daily meals. The standout feature of this plan is, without a doubt, their exceptional variety of products. Each day is a fresh culinary experience with a new menu. One aspect that truly sets Isabel's apart is their dedication to flavor. The deliciousness of their sauces is an absolute highlight. These sauces not only elevate the overall taste of the dishes but also make the whole meal experience incredibly enjoyable. I am hoping that there would be a "spicy option" for their meals to add more flavors since their sauces are perfectly partnered with Tabasco (highly suggested). If you're seeking a unique and enjoyable way to maintain a balanced diet, I highly recommend giving IF Plan a try.