1 Week Full Day Meal
1 Week Full Day Meal
1 Week Full Day Meal

Delicious and filling calorie-counted all day meals

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Monday to Friday:

  • Full Day Meal Plans: Delivered daily from 5:30 am to 8 am.
  • One Meal a Day Meal Plans and Solo Orders: Delivered daily from 7 am to 12 pm.

Saturday Orders:

  • Delivered on Friday afternoon/evening from 4 pm to 9 pm. Please refrigerate upon receipt to ensure the freshness of meals.

Note: The exact delivery time cannot be guaranteed, as our delivery routes may vary daily.


1 Week Full Day Meal

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MAR 04 - MAR 08, 2024

Customer Reviews

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Kelly Price

In an effort to lose some weight, my partner and I have recently started ordering food from Isabels and I am two weeks into the LowCal plan and enjoying it! The food has been fresh and flavors have been very enjoyable. I am allergic to cucumbers and had advised them of this and one of the breakfast meals I received contained a small amount of them in the coleslaw, that was really the only hiccup I have encountered. We have ordered for another two weeks :-) I would recommend the LowCal meals to anyone who is looking to limit their caloric intake.

I can't wait to eat the food :D

Please keep up the good work! I love everything, from the packaging to the taste of the food. it's obvious that the food is fresh and i always look forward to eating the food hence I'm able to stick to the calorie counted meals. :D Thank you so much for making me feel like I'm not on a restricted regimen! :D

Victoria Casanova
Guaranteed healthy and clean, albeit on the more pricey side

I love the freshness and light yet nutrition-packed organic veggies and clean whole foods of Isabel's. Extra kudos for the bagasse containers.

TBH, I had to adjust to the menu - it was not my everyday Pinoy fare. But when I tried another meal plan the week after, I instantly craved for Isabel's - my body was looking for that wholesome taste. Now am back for another week.

I would still alternate it with another plan (tho it is hard to find one that is as healthy and clean) - Maybe Isabel's can put a bit more variety - healthy pancakes / waffles with fresh fruits perhaps? Boiled plaintain? Baked camote (luv!)? mashed camote? mashed squash?
quinoa? almond bread? If there would be more variety, it would be an instant 5 stars!

I cant wait for what Isabel's kitchen can whip up. But I am sure it will be healthy, clean, and fresh!!

Feeling LoCal

Delicious LoCal meals . Salads and oatmeals are my favorites

Good but not for me

The powerbowl and salad i tried were quite tasty because of the sauces (really good sauces!). However, as much as i found the sauces good, they tasted too similar. My whole experience felt like i was eating the same stuff every day, there’s lack of variety. It’s just not for me.

Meat in the powerbowl and salad tend to run few too even for a 1200cal meal